Keto Fit Living Couple's Retreat - Early Bird

Keto Fit Living Couple's Retreat - Early Bird

Coach Bronson
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The Couples Get Away of the Year!

A chance to grow together, gain clarity, and live together with purpose.

Gatlinburg, TN 4 days, 3 nights with Coaches Natalie Grasso and Bronson Dant

Why should you come to this retreat?

✅ You struggle to stay motivated
✅ You want to support your partner better
✅ Your challenges seem overwhelming
✅ You feel like you’re all alone and don’t know what to do
✅ You have questions to ask that you’re too shy to ask in a public forum
✅ No matter how hard you try you can’t stay on track and your cravings always seem to win

We get it. We’ve been sick, out of shape, miserable, and lost. We didn’t find our way out of those struggles overnight or without help, support, guidance, and a lot of determination and consistency. Our journey has given us a passion to help more people do the same thing.

Working together and learning how to communicate and support each other’s goals, while keeping our individual goals and efforts a priority has launched each of us to new levels of success.

We want to spend time with you and your partner to help create a bond that allows you to exponentially increase your success as a team working toward a better future.


Meet our very own private chef for the weekend!!!

Courtney Luna spent several years as a yacht chef before she started following a carnivore diet and became a social media star with thousands of followers.

We are very excited to have her onboard for the retreat, not just for the food but for her to share with you how to make healthy eating enjoyable.


 Early Bird price of $1950 is per couple